Sugar-Free Double Chocolate Sauce (Dairy)

21.00 Ounces
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Chocoholics dream! 

A sugar-free, diary-free, allergen-free, and guilt-free gourmet caramel sauce that is full of layered flavors. Deriving from a combination of carefully selected, all-natural, and organic ingredients, freshly ground sweet spices, and coupled with old-fashioned culinary craftsmanship. This caramel sauce is prepared in smaller batches, yielding a classic, sweet caramel with ever so slight hints of smoke and brule’ notes that are produced by the actual cooking and caramelization process of a patent-pending sugar-alternative blend.

Unlike others, we don’t rely on caramel flavors, caramel colors or thickeners. The sweet, velvety tones along with the creamy texture makes this sauce irresistible, and almost, addictive.

Enjoy this sauce by the spoonful to stop sugar cravings, as a dip for fruits, sweetening and creaming coffees and teas, making super easy pies and snacks, taking plain yogurts to a whole new level of flavors, or simply to add flavors to other low sugar or sugar-free products.

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